Google Released a Privacy Tool

Everything you do through products such as Gmail, YouTube, Google search, and many other products, Google collects data and builds a personal profile on things you like, do, or think. This data is collected to send targeted ads to you based on your profile.

Google has released a new My Activity tool, that shows a detailed timeline of all the stuff that is known about you from your activity and is categorized by topic or interest.

To review your activity through Google, visit, click on “Manage your Google Activity”, then click “GO TO MY ACTIVITY.”

Google gives you several options to delete this information. Click on the three dots located in the upper right-hand corner of the menu bar. From the drop-down menu select “Delete activity by.” Change “Today” to “All time” to delete all your activity.

Google Personal Data History

Google has also given users the ability to control the activity that is collected. To control your activity settings, visit, click on “Manage your Google Activity”, then click “GO TO ACTIVITY CONTROLS.”

Within the “Activity controls” page you can toggle on or pause the various activities that are collected.

Google Privacy Collection Options